Hi. I’m Michèle Young.

I help business professionals protect their time and reputation.

Yes, that’s right. I do that as an editor. Oh sure, I slay typos and improve language construction. I do it exceptionally well, and that’s what I do for YOUR COPY. But why tell you something you already expect and know editors do? It’s a given.

I’d rather highlight what I do for YOU.

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As a colleague of Michèle's for more than a year, I found her professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with. Michèle's good grace, sense of calm under pressure and attention to detail could be counted on when a deadline approached and an extra set of eyes was needed to review a document or proposal for spelling, grammar, formatting and visual appeal.

Jill Rutherford, Calgary

I worked with Michèle for over 9 years and was amazed by her outstanding editing skills. Michèle's attention to detail and passion for grammatically correct use of the English language are impressive. By quickly, professionally, and cheerfully reviewing the work that is presented to her, you can be assured of copy that reads well and will be well read.

Grant Eberlin, Toronto